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Hey guys I got the info from another forum that Im registered to. I am also goin to do the E-Fan mod::::this is not my write up):::::

Well, here is the DIY for installing an electric fan on our trucks.

Installing an Electric Fan on a 2004 Dodge Ram

Parts and Tools Needed:

First thing you need is an electric fan. I got mine from a pick and pull off of a 94 Taurus with the 3.8 engine in it. I chose this fan for a few reasons. It is cheap, mine only cost me $25 and they can be bought on ebay for around $50. Second, it is two speed which I like so that way I have an option of how much air my fan will be pulling through the radiator. Finally it is a good choice because it comes with a shroud around it that allows multiple points for mounting bolts to and fits perfectly on the trucks radiator. If you go the pick and pull route make sure that you cut as much of the wire loom off with the fan as you can. It will make wiring much easier later on.

Second thing you need is a fan controller. You don’t actually need one, there are ways to wire it up without an expensive controller but I chose to use a nice dual speed controller with adjustable settings. I chose to go this route because since I saved so much on the fan I figured that I might as well splurge on a nice controller J. Here is the one that I purchased.

This is a nice controller because it has adjustability of when the fan turns on and off. It also can handle plenty of amps. When I first wired my fan up I wired it to the high setting on the fan which draws 33 continuous amps and controller handled that draw with no problem. So this should be plenty of handling power almost all fans out there short of a viper fan.

Third you need some tools. To do this job you need a drill, some bits, a large crescent or pipe wrench, sockets and ratchets, metal shears to cut the bracket metal, and a good wire stripping/crimping tool. You also need something to get the stock clutch fan off with. I made a homemade spanner wrench to get it off with (I will post a pic of the wrench I made at the end of the post). You can also rent a tool for this from some parts stores. I made mine out of a couple of hurricane straps that I bought from Lowes for about $3. If you want some specifics of how to make it just let me know.

Last thing you need is something to make brackets from for mounting the fan. I used the strap metal used for mounting garage door openers to make mounting brackets for the fan. I bought this at Lowes too. A six foot piece was $5. I also bought some bolts, nuts and washers for mounting the brackets to the fan while I was at Lowes. I bought (11) 3/8 inch bolts that are of an inch long. Nuts, bolts and washers totaled about $1.

So total cost for everything I needed to mount and wire up this fan including the fan and controller cost me about $140 total.

Mounting Instructions.

Step One: Disconnect Battery
I removed both the positive and negative cable since I was later going to be attaching wires to both the positive and negative terminals.

Step Two: Remove Coolant Overflow Bottle and Washer Fluid Reservoir.
First I removed the coolant overflow bottle. There is one bolt that goes through the mounting tab on the coolant bottle and into the fan shroud. Remove the bolt and pull the hose that goes from the bottle to the radiator. With the bolt and hose removed the bottle should just lift off. Next remove the wiper fluid bottle. My bottle would not come off (not really sure why) so I just pulled the plugs for the sensor in the bottle and the plug for the wiper pump and left the bottle on the shroud. Spilled a little wiper fluid but other than that, no biggie.

Step Three: Remove the Stock Clutch Fan.
You need to have the fan off the mounting bolt in order to get the fan shroud off. So what I did was use a big pipe wrench and the spanner wrench I made to break the fan loose. It came off really easily, made the time I spent making my spanner wrench well worth it. I have heard some guys taking air tools to this thing to get it loose and I was able to get it loose on my first try, so that made me happy. Now I just loosened the fan at this point but still left it attached to the engine since the fan and shroud have to come out together. Just leave your fan loose but attached for now until you get the shroud ready to be removed.

Step Four: Remove the Fan Shroud.
The fan shroud has two bolts and two clips that hold it to the radiator. First, there is one bolt on the top of the shroud on each side of the radiator. Remove these bolts and set aside for later. Once the two bolts are out, pull the shroud away from the radiator about an inch or two and then lift up. This will remove it from the clips. Now that the shroud is off, loosen up the last couple of turns needed to get off the clutch fan. Remove the fan and shroud all as one unit.

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