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Originally Posted by doz View Post
Thanks for the good words Yes, its full windshield (no strip). Windshield is illegal here except 4" strip. Front windows are 35% (legal) and rear windows can be anything (legal).

Cops here are pretty lenient on the tint though due to the sun and its power (both bright and HOT!). Hell, I know plenty of cops who have tint as dark or darker than mine (alot of people go double limo all around).

Safe? Define safe? If you read up, Ive never had so much as an encounter with a shopping cart due to the tint. You want to criticize my tint of all things? Have you looked at the careless drivers due to the invent of the cell phone? Im sure you have NEVER talked on your cell phone in a car, as thats unsafe right? Im sure you wont do any illegal mods to your truck as well and never have on a vehicle.

To each his own though. I know enough law enforcement that I can get the ticket written off so I dont worry about tickets (already got 2, fix it, cop signs off, nuff said). Usually only the cops who are pricks write you up, because like I said, alot of them have dark tint themselves (and yes, Ive been pulled over strictly for my tint before, that cop was cool though and gave me a warning).

Also, your laws say 28% front windows, 15% rear windows. So this 50% number you speak of???? Not sure what that is... But I wouldnt do it, could be unsafe being that dark.
I should caveat, I do think the tint looks great...

However, don't assume you know where I am from and correct my facts. I bought the Civic in Maine where I was living at the time and the law was at the time 50% for all windows and 4" strip on the windshield (recently changed to 35% on all windows other than windshield)

My point in mentioning the 50% law was to emphasize that I am not making a comment about legality. There are many laws that I consider unreasonable and are mostly in place only to compliment other laws (i.e. too dark of window tint can serve as "reasonable suspicion" when an officer wants to get a warrant to search your car). In my opinion, breaking the law does not automatically mean unsafe. Just as following the law does not necessarily mean safe.

I also made no comment about your personal driving record. I am a motorcycle rider when I'm not in my Ram. The law here in FL says that I don't have to wear a helmet as long as I carry a certain amount of insurance. There are a lot of riders who do not wear helmets or any other protective gear and have never been in a crash of any kind. Those riders are both following the law AND have a good driving record, but I consider them unsafe riders. In that case they are mostly only putting themselves at risk so I shake my head and continue riding with my head protected.

You on the other hand have decided to reduce your visibility to the sides by 97% and to the front by 65%. I don't know about you but I don't ever want to cover up 97% of my window and still try to see out of the remaining 3% strip (our windows are somewhere in the range of 24" tall so try driving normally looking out of a 3/4" slit in your window). I don't want to be on the same road with someone who is using only 3% of their available visibility.

By the way, I have lived in southern Texas, the New Mexico desert, and now central Florida... I am aware of the benefit provided by a nice tint to reduce interior heat.

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