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Default V10 rattling noise

I've been searching (albeit not very hard) the 'net for an answer to my problem. Ran across this site and hoping someone can help me out.

I have a 2001 Ram 2500 QC with the V10 and AT. About two years ago, on a long trip, I got up the morning of day two and shortly after getting on the road, my oil gauge would drop to nothing and the "check gauges" light would come on. Then the pressure would come back up. I limped it into Memphis and the dealership replaced my sending unit. It didn't fix the problem. Then they pulled the oil pan. The mechanic said there was a bunch of crap in there (gasket material, RTV, even a piece of a zip-tie....I believe this came from a previous issue that a really bad dealership was looking into that involved taking my engine apart). They cleaned it out and all was well. I continued on to OKC without any troubles. Sometime later, I can't tell you if it was days or weeks or what, I noticed that if I feathered the throttle and the RPMs were above 2000, there was a noise from the engine. I want to say it sounds like the lifters rattling. It doesn't do it if I'm sitting and run the engine up to 2000...or even 3000 (man is that ever a scary sound!) It only happens when I'm driving down the road.

Now...I know...2 years like this??? Yes...and its been over 7000 miles. 4000 of which were highway miles. The truck runs great, except for my little issue. The MPG doesn't seem affected...such that it is. *laugh*

I could get a recording of the noise, if I can figure how to attach it here.

I would really appreciate the help. Thanks
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