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Do you know why that is a crap job? Tell me expert. The cat got phuced, PERIOD! There isn`t a true x-pipe in that system because its much more labor. And you see the welds? Gas welds. Thats 80`s crap. Do you know 1/8th of what you claim? That exaust system lost the customer power jackass. Do you understand cam profiles and torque curves?

On a 4.7 (as most TRUCKS with stock cams) you actually gain mileage and power by running a SINGLE 3" pipe into a dual outlet muffler. Do you wanna know why? One word: VELOCITY
So just what is the issue here? You've fired back at Remerson quite a few times in other threads.

You two obviously don't see eye to eye but posting around the forum censor and being abusive to any member here is not allowed nor is it appreciated.

It doesn't matter to me that folks agree to disagree. This is an open forum. But when the flames start, management here will step in and stop it. And it really doesn't matter who the member is, new or old, who gets abusive. All will be treated equally.

Any further posts like this will not be tolerated, no matter who posts them.

Let's be civil.
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