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I've used JBA headers before and they are well made with a nice thick mounting flange so it won't warp at the head and create a leak.

When installing headers, I've found that the Stage 8 fasteners are great as they won't back out of the hole.

I've also found that the gaskets provided are pretty cheap and in some cases don't seal well. Check out Summit and see if there isn't a set of gaskets for your truck under the "Earl's Pressure Master Seals" section. They really do seal well and are beefy enough that they won't blow out.

Exhaust choices based on sound are pretty subjective. What sounds good to me may not sound good to you and vice versa.

I've had Flowmasters on two vehicles, Magnaflows on three vehicles. I personally prefer the Magnaflow mufflers. I made that choice after listening to several systems online.
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