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Here is what the 2010 Ram Owners Manual says:

Enhanced Seat Belt Use Reminder System (BeltAlert)

If the driver's seat belt has not been buckled with 60 seconds of starting the vehicle or if the vehicle speed is greater than 5MPH, the BeltAlert system will alert the driver to buckle the seat belt.


BeltAlert can be enabled or disabled by your authorized dealer or by performing the following procedure:

NOTE: The following steps must occur within the first 60 seconds of the ignition switch being turned to the ON or START position. Chrysler Group LLC does not recommend deactivating BeltAlert.

1. With all doors closed and the ignition switch in the OFF/LOCK position, buckle the driver's seat belt.

2. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position and wait for the Seat Belt Reminder Light to turn off.

3. Within 60 seconds of starting the vehicle, unbuckle and then re-buckle the driver's seat belt at least three times within 60 seconds, ending with the seat belt buckled.

NOTE: Watch for the Seat Belt Reminder Light to turn on while the seat belt retracts and turn off when re-buckling the seat belt.

4. Turn the ignition switch to LOCK position. A single chime will sound to signify that you have successfully completed the programming.

NOTE: Although BeltAlert has been deactivated, the Seat Belt Reminder Light will continue to illuminate while the driver's seat belt remains unbuckled or unretreacted.
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