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Talking Ricky Ricer wanted to play

On my way out across the countryside one afternoon I decided to take the scenic route home out along the Columbia River and the farmlands. I get off Hwy 30 and head south on Hwy 47, a very nice 2 lane country road through the rolling hills. It gave me an opportunity to open the windows for that nice fresh smell of mowed hay and ripe blackberrys that permeates the air out here in late summer. I was thoroughly enjoying using the shifter paddles and listening to the rumble of my Magnaflow exhaust.

About 3 miles into my fairly leisurely drive through the country, buzzing up behind me comes a tricked out Civic. You know, the one that's sponsored by Folgers? Big can on the back was the giveaway. Anyway, Ricky Ricer flips on his fogs, shifts down a gear, pulls up next to me (this is a curvy 2 lane road, remember, Ricky?) pointedly stares at me, drops another gear and winds it out. I'm thinking, "Is this guy for real?" and, "I'm enjoying my drive. Do I need this?"

I decide Ricky needs a lesson. I tap my shifter paddle kick it down out of OD to 3rd and push on the go pedal. I quickly catch up with him, shift into 4th and stick to his rear bumper. I can see him working the gears, throwing the car into the corners (why don't owners of front wheel drive cars get it? It just won't do what you want it to, Ricky.) and he really begins to push hard. All the while I'm still on him like a bumper sticker.

Finally, I back off a bit, hit the lights, tap the shifter paddles to go back to 3rd and let the Six Point One sing it's song. I swing out, give the pedal a sound push to the floor and blast by.

I slow down, letting him play bumper sticker for a while then I steadily increase speed. It's obvious Ricky hasn't spent too much time on a road track. I keep widening the gap, clipping apexes, running straights, up and over and around the farmlands and hills until Ricky is just a speck in the rear view mirror.

I get to Hwy 26 and head back towards town at a sedate pace. Pretty soon, here comes Ricky! We are now on a 4 lane freeway but he's done playing...he comes up beside me, gives the car a long look and a thumbs up gesture and motors on.

At least he was a good sport.

In my own mind I reaffirmed one thing. The shifter paddles are one of the best bang for the buck functional mods I've ever done to the SRT8.
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