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RamTech and PB1500SLT:

That will be enough. No flaming each other in the open forum.

I will not take sides in this matter.

PB1500SLT, you obviously don't trust your dealer. I don't know why that is but it is to your benefit to work it out with them. It is not a good idea to start the service request with an obvious lack of trust or communication with your dealer. Explain what you are experiencing, clearly and calmly. Ask questions then listen to what they have to say after they do the diagnostics. If you are not satisfied with the service or the condition persists, go back to them. Your response would be the same as your first service request and you should state it again. Don't argue with them. Rather, insist that the noise is still there, it did not always do this and something is not right.

You'll find the service advisor and technicians will listen and will do everything they can to find the problem. There is no benefit to the dealer to ignore a customer's concerns regarding their vehicle.

As was stated by RamTech, they get paid to do warranty service so there is no financial gain or loss by not doing the work.

In your case I suspect a small exhaust leak is the culprit.

RamTech - Randy, I know you are sensitive to the "stealership" term, which is understandable given your current position as a trained MOPAR technician with considerable experience and numerous certifications. However, your response was beyond what was called for in this instance.

I ask you both to be considerate of each other and the general forum membership.
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