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Oh yeah...a couple more things.

Don't try to negotiate the buyout down after you've signed the lease...they'll just laugh at ya. When I've leased in the past, I've tried to negotiate the residual down at the time we are putting together the deal. Sometimes I've been successful My argument to support a lower residual is the fact that there is no credit for depreciation as they figure residual as follows:

New Truck Value - Total Lease Payments & Deposit = Residual.

In some cases, it may be:

New Truck Value - Total Lease Payments & Deposit - Estimated Depreciation = Residual.

Some leasing companies may include depreciation in the calculation but even then, it's never close to actual depreciation you see in the market. It is worth the shot, though.

If the truck is only worth $8K, no one will loan you $12K to buy it either.

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