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The HVAC system on the RAM is a dual chamber system that is configured as either single or dual control(separate temperature control knob for passenger side). On the single control a difference in temperature between the passenger and driver's side can be due to a temperature gradient across the heater core. The flow through the heater core is a single input that spreads into multiple flow channels then comes back together at the exit hose. Half the channels span the driver half of the plenum box and half for the passenger.

The core tends to build up blockage on the passenger half of the core over time and you'll find diminished heat on the passenger side over time. The diesel engines seem to be particularly susceptible to this problem. The solution is an aggressive radiator flush to clear the core. Prestone makes a good flush kit with cleaning chemicals that is available at Walmart. You can disconnect the heater hoses and flush backwards and forwards to clean it out. You also need to flush the entire radiator system to keep more gunk from just clogging up half the core again. Routine radiator flushing is supposed to be ongoing maintenance and is especially important on the RAM. If it's been more than two years...FLUSH! I got all this information from the guys at HeaterTreater. They are awesome and I installed their Mode 1 door and re-circ door fixes on my truck with great success at signficant savings over what the dealer wanted.
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