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Yup, a 203.

For those of you with electric fans, here's some info that may be helpful.

I swapped out the tstat in my SRT when I first got it. I have two electric fans on the radiator, a low speed and a high speed unit. After dropping in the lower temp stat, I did get a bit of a drop in normal running temp from 199 - 201 down to 185 - 187.

Then I added the Predator so I could drop the control temp for the electric fans to come on, phasing in the low speed fan at 191, high speed fan at 198. Now my temps hang right at 181 - 183 in cooler weather at speed, 189 - 191 in stop and go in the same cooler weather with the low speed fan coming on as needed. In higher ambient temps at speed I'm still around 183 - 185 at speed but the temp quickly shoots up in stop and go, so my high speed fan comes on a bit more often as I get to 198 - 199. I like the way it works so it's something to think about if you have electric fans, a HEMI and a Predator.
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