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I don't know that it's the cool air function that's giving you a pain in the butt, Brian. My 07 Ram seats are great. I had no backpain or discomfort during my recent road trip to SoCal. And I'll tell you I did the first leg of that trip with no stops other than fuel and bio necessity , doing 996 miles in just a bit over 13.5 hours.

I would suspect that it's the configuration of the seat padding, lumbar support (I've heard it's a bit too high and hard) and possibly the length of the seat bottom that fails to support your upper legs. I had similar problems with another vehicle and I went down to the local upholstery shop and they rebuilt both front seats (the wife was complaining to!) and it really made a difference. We added a bit more padding to the seat bottom, moved the adjustable lumbar support down to actually be in the right area for us, lengthened the seat bottom and add a bit more depth and padding to the side, bottom and top bolsters. Huge difference!

My SRT seats, however, are perfect!
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