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I've run the Toyos and I like them a lot. I have not run the Nittos but I hear they are good tires as well.

Hopefully someone will chime in here who has so you can get a comparison.

The Toyos (I run A/T's on my truck, Proxes 4's on my SRT) are really good tires from a wear standpoint. The M/T's I had on a previous truck are, obviously, a little noisier than the A/T's but not so near as noisy as the Cooper Discoverer STT's and they lasted a LOT longer. I was constantly having to balance the Coopers as they wore out and the construction of those tires made it very difficult to balance. With the Toyos, I did one road force balance (did the same with the A/T's) and didn't have to touch them again.

I don't think you can go wrong with a set of Toyos.

Good luck with your choice!
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