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Default Dealer called me post sale - need advice

So long story short, I traded in my Charger for a ram. When I went to buy the car, I didnt have the charger but the dealer was desperate for a sale so they said they would give me a sight unseen trade in value. I bought the ram and traded the charger about a week later.

The charger is in excellent condition, about 60k miles on it. I had aftermarket HIDs in there and took them out when I traded in the car. I didnt replace the bulbs bc I figured the parts dept could spend 2 dollars and just put new bulbs in.

My salesman just called me today saying that there are 'tons' of things wrong with the car and that his manager is really upset because the car is unsellable. He didnt say much, but said the front grill was loose, no headlight bulbs, non factory lugnuts etc. These are all things that they can replace easily with minimal cost, and at no point did I lie about the condition of the car. Its 100% drivable and has never been in an accident. He said his manager wants to call me because he is very unhappy and walks to talk (originially he wanted me to come down but I said no).

The sale is final, they own that car and I own my truck. They paid off my loan to USAA. Do they have any recourse here other than just bitching at me? Can they legally change anythign in our agreement, such as price of the car, my new loan, my future warranties etc? I know he wants me to come down and pay for this stuff but I dont really see the point. We had a deal, they took the car, it shouldnt be my problem...let me know what to tell the manager when he calls me.
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