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This is great info... thanks all.

As I posted in my original thread about an aftermarket TBC, my local Dodge (Naples, FL) does not have the "AG" version of the Ram ITBC in stock, but can get it for me in a few days for $229!!!! Kills me to see others here getting it for $142... Where did that poster get it for $142? I'd happliy pay for shipping.

I'm already going to guess that Naples Dodge is going to have NO IDEA how to flash my truck after I install the Dodge ITBC... but they said they'd try for $90... guess Naples is an expensive place to live! Since I just bought it last weekend, I'll try what others here did: remind them that I just bought a hugely expensive truck from them...

Incinr8: I also have a 2011 Ram 1500 (4x4 Big Horn)... after your 11/14/10 post I just ran out to my truck and looked under the dash. It seems that I have both the connectors, a bigger one and a smaller one with an orange insert.

UPDATE: The current part number according to "Galeana Chrysler Dodge Jeep" in Ft. Myers, FL for the IBTC is 56029431AG (currently FL has 32 in stock in Orlando), and the grey bezel is 1EB13XDVAA. The IBTC was $142, the bezel was $9.45... and thier driver is going to deliver it to me... can't beat that!

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