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Just finished the install. It took me about 15 minutes total (thanks Netman66!).

One item that wasn't mentioned: the unit is actually secured into the dash with THREE screws; the orignal two mentioned by Netman66 (once the unit is screwed into the bezel), and then an additional screw that goes through the metal dashboard frame and into the unit towards the rear of the unit's left side. If you look at Netman66's photo:

you can see the brass threads on the left side. This un-supplied screw is the exact same as the screws that are used to hold the bezel to the dashboard.

After hooking up my RV (I did not pull it out of the yard), I could hear the trailer's brakes engaging when they should of, so that's good. No error codes, and all the module's lights went on with the ignition. However, the manual is kind of confusing when it discusses the "Trailer Brake Status Indicator Light". This lights up with the ignition, but then goes off.... not sure if it's supposed to stay on or not.

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