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Originally Posted by Aussieincalgary View Post
Would have liked to, but it will be 4:30 pm here in Calgary, and I'll still be at work, probably fixing some broken down Gm or Ford product, but knowing I'll be able to drive my Ram home afterwards.... tee hee....

Dear Silver Eagle, would you like rotors that wear out quicker, or hard noisy squealing brakes with asbestor pads, we aren't in the 1980's any more, I can't comment on the rotors you have as you didn't give much info of your concerns, but I presume that you presume they are cheap because they haven't behaved as you expected, have you had the hardness tested and the uniformity of the grain examined (yes metal does have grain under a microscope), as a mechanic I have had no issues with the brakes on my 2009 Ram even when towing our 26 foot trailer, and they can pull the truck up quicker than a lot of vehicles nearly half the weight. If you explain your situation in detail then as a few of us are technicians we could probably give you some clarity.

Here's a question someone may want to ask the engineers regarding the MDS, why is it that before the Hemi reaches op' temp I can cruise uphill at 30 -50km/h (ambient air temp 10 degrees celcius or colder), with the MDS coming in, and yet cruising at 90 km/h on a flat road with no headwind and once in MDS will jump back out if I happen to so much as twitch my foot (ambient temp could be 30 or minus 30 doesn't seem to make much difference).
I know there is a software update for those who complain that the MDS engage/disengage is too noticable for their liking (Pussy's), I actually prefer some "Feel" and the 4 cylinder rumble lets me know that it's engaged, and I can even tell now when it's about to come in, it almost sounds like it's 1/2 in or running on 6 cylinders.

Also, when are we going to finally see a smaller diesel for the 1500's, that could also be used in Derango's Jeeps and Dakota's etc.

When I got my truck new only after 1600 miles the rear brake on the right side had deep groves in it. I took it back to the dealer .They said it was normal wear.Then after I told them the brakes were chattering in the front I got the same answer. So before the 12,000 were up I went back a fourth time and they replaced the front rotors and pads. They did nothing to the rear rotors. Last year I finally got tired with fighting with Dodge and I went to a Wholesale warehouse locally and got heavy duty rotors and Pads. No more problems. They were made by Raybestos. total cost less then $500.00 installed and not by Dodge.It's not just Dodge that has the problem Both of my PT Cruisers have had the same problems in the front. All have been replaced with Raybestos rotors and Pads.

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