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Originally Posted by Razor View Post
Please excuse my ignorance, but I did try to search for information in here and all over the Internet. Surprisingly I was unable to find the answers to the basics about "why" leveling/lifting. Most threads already have people knowing "why" they want to lift, and just trying to decide "how".

Before I kick off what might come across as the most basic and even naive question ever, here are a few of my thoughts & concerns:

I have a 2010 Ram 1500 4x4 that is my daily driver for business use around the city of Houston. Some parking garages I have to enter are restricted as low as 6' 3" clearance. I initially tried some 305 Nitto tires and it felt like I was driving in sand (very sluggish feeling) and noisy on the highway. So I opted for Michelin AT2 for a balance of street usage (95%) and snow / mud when we go on camping and ski trips to Colorado (5%). I really LIKE the current condition of the vehicle in terms of drivability, turning, ride comfort, etc.

It would be nice to have additional ground clearance when we go out in West Texas or Colorado off road trails where washouts and troughs make highpoints in the trail or medium size rocks can cause concern.

Questions: Why lift/level the truck? Is it just to get bigger tires in there, or to increase ground clearance for the body? Both? Those of you with bigger tires, do you notice the truck feeling "slower" or "sluggish"?

Leveling (what does it really accomplish)?

Lifting (how high, what is the risk)?

How do either of these affect driving comfort, suspension (bounce), gas mileage, cornering, roll over threat?
I have a 6" BDS +2" 37x12.50x20 Nitto Trail grapplers and the reason I lifted my truck is I love lifted trucks.They look great to me.

My truck is a street truck and will probably never see mud.My Nitto's are pretty quiet for a mud tire.

The risks?On lift trucks if it is done right I don't know of many risks.Ball joints can go bad.Suspension lifts like I have lower everything down to pretty much stock while your suspension goes up to make your truck higher.My truck rides great still.I havn't seen much of a power loss and I only lost maybe 2 mpg.

Leveling kits can cause problems, ball joints going bad and cv's are at a bad angle on some cases.You level a truck so it does not nose dive and to put bigger tires on there.

I hope I answered some of your questions for ya .
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