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Default Dodge Ram MIL issues

I've got a 1998 Dodge Ram 2500 that has a check engine light on. It says multiple random misfires. I have redone the entire ignition system from the distributor to the wires, so thats not the cause of the misfire. The truck is running horrible too despite all the new parts. It is underpowered and has a sort of stalling "jerk" as the motor struggles. I have also cleaned the entire fuel system from the rails to the injectors. The only part of the fuel system i haven't replaced/cleaned is the fuel filter. Could that be the cause? I also heard of dodge trucks having problems with faulty plenum pans and gaskets. Any possiblility this could be causing my issues? Also at times the truck runs just fine, but the check engine light remains on. I'm clueless, but thinking its an electrical issue, any help at all would be great, you can also email me at Thanks a lot

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