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Default To Maddog (and anyone else than can help)

Yes and thanks Maddog but as I posted yesterday as a follow up I did try and swap out the relay with a known good one and same start when cold but it does start if I bring in the ECM to the house to keep it warm.

Now the latest update:

Took the van in this morning to one dealer who told me on the phone they had an OBD 1 scanner... but when I got there they tried to charge me $500 to bring the van into the shop and then say they don't have the scanner...grrr more on that latter in another post... (Just to read and pull codes, that is for $500 ! NO repair! )

So I went to another Dealer who had one they were great. They scanned it and they only came up with the code 45 (which is overdrive and we know this van does not have that, 3 speed trans) But the Tech remembered and old tech paper and dug it out... seams the computer is for BOTH Tranny's and there for because there is no connection to an overdrive sensor, on mine it reports the "false' code...SO the bottom line is I have no codes showing by either method ( flash count or OBD1 scanner )and still it's a cold no start issue.

Maddog they even checked my relay and swapped it and still the same I am pretty sure it's not the relay since we have now tried 4 ( my old 2 and their new pair using both on the pair as a test, they are they same relays both mounted on the same bracket). They checked fuel pump 'hold' pressure as well..tested ok ... Just to rule out anything related to the ASD relay...

Now Maddog you are warm though cuz I knew that the 1992 computer had a bad SCR... ( and this is the same exact ECM a
#xxxx 7844) ok now think voltage regulation here.... if the relay is not getting the correct voltage or amp draw till it stops clicking, as in it warms up, well then if the relay is good then what sending the relay the energy must be at issue.

So Tommorrow the 2nd new computer is due in and I will try that...this dealer, based on what I have told you all in the thread believes that first new computer was bad and thats the whole issue... lol so we shall see... First one was a Borg Warner rebuild trying a Cardon next.

I'll let you know in a day or 2, thanks for all your help so far.

Merry Xmas

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