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CHVYKLR is a jewel in the roughCHVYKLR is a jewel in the roughCHVYKLR is a jewel in the rough

the stock intake is really good on the gen 4s. I only did a drop in b/c of that reason and also b/c $300 is a lot for a CAI for maybe 5-10rwhp.

the best way to get better mileage is your driving habits as much as I hate to say it. I did my exhaust for a little better sound and a couple of hp, the drop in b/c I'll never have to buy a filter again and if it gave me anything then that's a plus and well the 4.10s b/c I wanted the truck to be a little more fun from time to time. I bought my tonneau for the reasons you noted and hoped it would help mpgs but I don't think it did plus I think they look good.

I am by no means trying to talk you or anyone out of buying mods. Trust me I'm pretty bad myself but if you are doing it for mpgs then look at it from a monetary standpoint.

let's assume you drive 15,000 miles per year, gas is $3 per gallon and you get an avg of 18 mpg. this means you spend $2500 in gas. (if you drive less the savings per year will be lower)

if a CAI gives you 1 mpg better you'll save $131.58 each year...I think they claim more mpgs. (2+ years to pay itself off)

a tonneau cover gives another 1 mpg and you are now saving $250 each year with both.

an exhaust maybe 0.5 mpg I think you see where I'm going with this. If it were this easy Dodge with all their R&D and more importantly trying to meet CAFE numbers would do this stuff from the get go. If they could add 2-3 more mpgs that would do a lot for them in their advertising campaign against the others too. I'm mean who doesn't want better mpgs in this day and age. Now the flip side is cost to them and would it be beneficial. Dodge is also trying to build a truck for the masses. Some people don't want the noise that comes with a CAI or exhaust.

Sorry for the rant and the tangents. I say do the mods for personal reasons and if you get better mpgs then it's a win-win. Of course it will be harder to stay outta the gas too when you end up with some more power!!
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