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Default more posts to come

Hey Yankee... thanks for taking the time to give my post the once over.

I will be posting more pics (it limits you to 15 per post and i had like 30+)...

Today, while yanking out the interior, I found that I am going to need to do some surgery to the floor pan before I go any further with the sound deadening i was going to spray in. Those geniuses that brought us such things as flimsy cup holders that mount ABOVE the electronics (it's literally, right on top of the radio) apparently didn't realize that they needed to coat floor pan bolts. Especially when they're going through 2 kinds of metal... so there's a GIANT rust spot in my floor pan. I'm just hoping it didn't start exfoliating yet (didn't get that far into it, because it started pouring rain).

I will be laying the final glass on the dash tomorrow afternoon... give it a day to set and then I'll sand it and start laying body filler... then let that set and temp install the dash (sans speakers for now).

I still need to smooth and lay some filler on the lower dash where I had to repair the structure of it. Some of it could not completely be done from behind, so that whole part of the dash will get sanded smooth, primed and painted. The dash cap is going to get a vinyl top and some handmade speaker grills (a ring and cloth type like on old school home speakers)... the A-pillars will get the vinyl treatment temporarily, but will eventually be sanded and painted (after I get the tweeter pods installed where I want them).

I did get the amps mounted today and will do all the main wiring tomorrow... It's a '94 model... so it has that crazy storage tray system. I actually like it, and it turned out to be a bonus because I can mount the amps right onto the back wall dressing (not the cab, but the mount for the storage trays, that is carpeted). It's some kind of heavy duty pressed paper (like phenolic). I can still keep the lower tray, for stuff like my air compressor, Q-beam, and my "tire tool / attitude adjuster".

I'm going to try and bring all the wiring up the middle, because I'm going to fab up a custom center console that runs from the base of the dash back to the lower tray, and do away with the middle seat entirely. I may have to cut the seat brackets to do that.. it's not like the new dodge, where the center console has it's own brackets... it mounts to the left and right seats on arms that extend towards the center of the cab. I won't have exact specs on it until I get to that point (a week or two from now... maybe more).

Anyway... there will definitely be a lot of follow up this, because it's going to be an on going build. Once the interior is done, I'm going to rework the body a little and add 3" of body lift and a 1" or 2" lift block in the back to get a little more rake in the truck (it rides smoother when the wight is tilted slightly forward instead of level like it is now). I'll probably go to 18"s or 20"s with 35" metrics. It's a 2wd, and I do still pull with it once in a while.. so I don't' want to go too high.

Thanks again for stopping by.. check back periodically for updates.

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