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Default Need some advice (dealer troubles)

Ok, so most of you all know I bought a new (to me) 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT. I got a rediculous deal, which I am still enjoying. But the dealership has done NOTHING but cause problems with me since the purchase. I am not too happy. I need some advice on this latest problem, but first, some background.

22 Nov. 10: Finalize the deal and drive home the truck. Conditions of sale were (in writing):
-New Key (it only had one) be purchased from local Dodge Dealer and furnished to us at no extra cost.
-Chrysler Maximium Care Lifetime Powertrain warranty coverage given to us at dealer price ($915)
-5 year, 100k mile Bumper-bumper warranty coverage at dealer cost ($1,100).
-Payoff what was left of the loan on the Civic (close enough we called it paid off... balance due was $800).
-Regisration for the truck comes in before the 45th day from sale, cause on the 50th day, we are moving).

There were other conditions, but they were pertinent to arrangements for paperwork and owners manual, stuff like that.

~2 Dec 10: I get a call from the car lot, they found my factory floor mats. For some reason they were not in the truck when I purchased it. SWEET! I love free stuff. I asked to talk to my salesman about my registration, they informed me he was let go 2 days after my sale. Fishy, but ok, he was probably crooked. I didnt get screwed so no harm no foul. I go pick up my floor mats and go about my business. That night, I check my account my loan for the civic was through, and it was still not paid off. It was only $800 so I considered paying it off myself the day of the deal, but decided since I was already dropping $6k on the truck so I did not have to do financing, I would let them eat it. THAT come back and bit me in the ass later.

~5 Dec 10: Car Lot calls again, tells me my owners manual is here. I go in to pick it up, they hand me a stapled pile of 8x11 printer paper, with the owners manual printed off the internet. I was NOT happy. I told them (politely) that this was unacceptable, and that I wanted the actual book from chrysler, not some adobe acrobat download/printout. They agreed, gave me the "manual" anyway, and I asked about my registration and Key, they said they would call me the next day with word on it.

The next day I get a call at the end of the day, the key is on a nationwide backorder, and they cant get one. I said "fine, I understand, would it be acceptable for me to source one from another source, I pay for it and bring you the receipt, and you guys can reimburse me by check?" They agreed that was ok. They also say they are having trouble locating the manual. Ok man, I know I live out in the sticks, but come on, it aint friggin' Venus. Source me a manual from a dodge dealer in Syracuse. Its only 80 miles away. The dealer rep agrees and asks me to give him a few days. Mind you this whole time, every phone call, he is dodging every question, stumbling over every sentence. I am getting pissed.

I let it all go another week...

Nothing. I go to the dealership, reminding these guys that in 26 days, I am leaving the state permanently, and I cannot drive the truck 3000 miles cross-country without a registration. They are adamant it will be here. I get reimbursed for my key ($327) and walk out. Still no word on the owners manual either.

16 Dec 10: Truck gets hit and goes into the body shop. So nothing happens till the day after christmas.

26 Dec 10: I got the truck back, and I go up to the dealership since I am out. They have my owners manual, or so they say. They hand me one for a 2007 Ram 1500. I am like "hey guy, I am fed up here. That is not for my truck. Mine is an 09, a COMPLETELY different style. It doesnt even look the same." He replies with "they are all dodges, they should be the same". I suspect there is a truck on their lot right at that moment that does not have a manual, and low and behold, its on 07. You crooked bastards. I told the guy "son, Let me talk to the dealership manager, right now."

The manager, a younger lady, comes out and says the usually greeting. I tell her whats going on, and oh BTW, its been 35 days now and you STILL have not paid off the balance on my trade. She said she would look into the trade and call me in the morning. The car was apparently sold last week and should be paid for. I told her, it should only take 10 business days, 14 MAX to pay off a lien. She said sometimes it takes 30 but she will double check and call me tomorrow. That next day, I get a call from Wells Fargo Dealer Services. My next payment on the CIVIC is a week overdue. I explain the situation to the guy and that I had no idea, he gives me a 7 day extension.

2 days go by and not a word. I call them New years eve, and she is out. From this point on, I will deal with noone but her, because her pee-ons have no idea what they are doing.

3 January I FINALLY get a call, to come in and they have my owners manual. I asked them if they paid off the lein, they said yes, they did it yesterday...

*Tires Schreech my truck to a smokey halt on the side of US-11*.

"Hold up. Yesterday? Are you serious? Listen here, IDK what kind of business y'all are running over here, but I suggest you straighten it out. I bought the truck on 22 November, cash+trade equity, no financing whatsoever. WHY did it take you 40 days to pay off a trade of $800?"

"well sir, apparently the gentleman who did your deal was skimming money from us for sometime. He took $3,000 out of your deal and hid the paperwork, we just found it and processed it yesterday".

I was dumbfounded, flabbergasted, disgusted and every other kind of "ed" you could think of.

Me: "Ma'am, I am pissed so pardon me, but ok...that problem is solved. WHERE THE F&*% IS MY REGISTRATION?"

Manager: " expires when?"

Me: "Jan 6 2011."

Her: "Come in then we will write you a new one for another 45 days".

Me: "I will be there in a minute."

I go to the dealership, after explaining to her that I am HOMELESS on the 10th of January and moving for the military on the 11th, and that I WILL NOT HAVE an address for about 90 days, she proceeds to tell me I can get a PO box and they can send it there. Lady, I dont hit women so I am gonna ask you this, are you gonna pay for it? I am not asking for much, just for you to do your effin' job and find my stuff.

She tells me they will write me another 45 day and when I get there I can either register the truck there and wash my hands or I can call them with a PO box and they will send it. At this point, I lost it. I told her if she did not have my owners manual, my registration and an apology for me on the morning of the 10th of january, She would recieve a phone call from my attorney. Woman has some balls to tell me I can just "re-register in washington", and the $387 that I paid for my registration in NY? Ok, so I can get a refund on my NY registration, but HOW should I do that if I dont have it?

I am still waiting. Time will tell. Meanwhile my stuff is on its way to WA, I am cleaning and packing what the wife and I are taking on the trip, and I am growing more pissed by the day.

Any suggestions?
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