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Default clay bar

Originally Posted by Wayne Edmonton View Post
What do you mean by "Clay Bar" your truck??

Clay bar is a clay like looking substance that you use on your vehicle at least twice a year that takes the contaminants off your paint finish.
First step to this process is to wash your vehicle very good and also door jambs. After you vehicle has dried you start with clay bar for which normal car washing cant remove. You spray a clay bar lubricant on a small area then you take the clay bar back and forth over it a few times then wipe off the spray. Do this to the entire vehicle and also the door jambs and windows.
After you are done with that process you need to polish the paint either by hand or by a polishing machine. It comes out better by machine if you have one. After that process then you need to give it a couple of coats of wax and letting each coat dry at least 4 hours before the next one. Using clay bar removes the contaminants and also your finish will feel alot smoother. You can buy clay bar at automotive stores but i buy mine online at www.properautocare. I get all my car finishing products from them and have been using their stuff for about 6 years now. Its a little more exspensive than what you can probably buy at automotive stores but you get what you pay for..I hope this info helps you......have a great day
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