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I actually run e85 in my bike and its great! For reference, my bike picked up 4 peak hp, and 11 @ 9500 just by switching. That may not sound like a lot but the bike only makes 168 lol. Ethanol/e85 actually burns faster than gasoline which is why you will always get less fuel mileage out of it. E85 has the potential to make more power but it is reliant on some things. It can be cold blooded. It likes a lot of compression and timing. It's optimum afr is also richer than gasoline. With the new flex fuel vehicles there is a sensor basically testing the fuel constantly for its ethanol content to let the computer decide how much more injector pulse to push to compensate for it's higher burn rate. The reason many vehicles don't run as well on it is usually because of relatively low compression ratios and timing. Another fyi, e85's ethanol/gas content changes by the season. If you look at the pump it will say minimum e70. Basically winter, early spring, and late fall it is 70% ethanol 30% gasoline. As it gets warmer the ethanol content goes up and gasoline goes down. So this is something else that will throw off your fuel consumption and performance.

I tried to keep it short and stay on topic. Anyone can pm me if they have any more questions.
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