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Default Poor Heat and AC Airflow

This issue is with both heat and AC equally. When I turn the fan speeds up or down I can hear the fan going and blowing at the appropriate speeds. It also will switch to all the different areas without issue. Unfortunately though, the top airflow I can get is roughly equal to the lowest setting (if everything was working ok). I brought it in to the dealer and they think it is a/the doors inside, but estimate the cost at roughly $1000 due to 8 hours labor. Please say there is an easier and/or cheaper way? Is there an air filter somewhere that I can easily get to? Is there an intake to the system that I can check out?

I am not a mechanic to say the least, but know enough to be able to follow instructions on what to try. I friend and I tried to take the dash apart and had it in a million pieces, but couldn't figure out how to get to and or check out where those doors may be in that black unit behind the glove box.
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