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I know, old thread, but here is an update...

I took the air doohicky off the top today to make it easier to get to the spark plugs (the doohicky with 5.7 Hemi written on it). Swapped out the crossover spark plug wires (first time in 176,000 miles) and swapped out plugs with NGK plugs. I noticed that the throttle body was NASTY looking. Took it off, cleaned it with toothbrush and q-tips and throttle-body cleaner (sprayed into a shot glass, not onto the throttle body).

Apparently, all those times I took it in for a "tune up" they never touched the throttle body. It was gummed up and crusted with varnish and a carbon-ish looking crud. I got it shiny and clean, then cleaned out the top half of the air cleaner housing, which also had some gum in it (from my K&N filter, I guess). Cleaned out the flexible tube, and the HEMI plastic doohicky, and gently wiped down the sensor in the front of it after removing it. Cleaned out the PCV valve.

Also, noticed that the dealer "forgot" to install a couple of the bolts that hold down the coil packs. The two most difficult ones to get to, coincidentally.

ALSO...they didn't use anti seize on the spark plugs so they were difficult to remove (onlly 25,000 miles since last "tune up".)

Anyway, to make a long story short...I am not ever taking it in for a "tune up" again. You just don't get what you are paying for.

It took me a good slow and deliberate 4 hours to do all of this, but it is a lot easier when you take all that stuff off the top and get it out of the way. I didn't nick any knuckles and didn't cheese grate my arms either.
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