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Default Serioius heater confusion

We have been going through this dilemma for a little over a year now.

Little/No heat.

I have read every forum and tried to take all the advice but I finally had to post to see what i am missing. At some point we had the A/c compressor go on a road trip and i stopped in at a local garage and we put an a\c bypass pulley in. rather simple I thought. due to the fact it was summer i wouldn't have been testing the heat but I'm not sure if there is something that could have been installed wrong to not allow me to get heat. there are several wires and plugs that are not plugged in now. (just thought i'd tell you that in full disclosure)

Both heater hoses going to/from the heater core are hot. I loosened one up to "bled" as one posting said. No change. The heater core itself is extremely hot.

Someone directed me to, well my blend door is the mechanical type with a pull wire, not a motor. So i have moved that door all the way open manually. If i wedge it one way i get really cold air (obviously) and I wedge it the other way i get barely luke warm air.

the vacuum lines all seem to be working. From what i have seen underneath the dash there is at least 2 doors that move just fine and all the air blows out of dash/defrost/floor just as it is supposed too.

I bought a flush kit today and I will try it but I don't get why the heater core is just scalding hot and everything seems to be flowing when I bled the system, just doesn't seem like a flush is needed (but i will try anyway).

So on another posting i read it was talking about vacuum connections under the hood being dislodged, and i wasn't sure if that was just for the motors that control the vent/floor/defrost or if there was another set of hoses doing something else.

Any input would be great b\c i am at wit's end and sick of -5 degree weather in a cold truck.

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