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Default hey everyone... problem with my truck..

hi there, im new to this site... heres my problem, i hope yall can help. Alrighty well i am having troubles with my truck, it seems to be missing and runs rough.. plugs, wires, distributer cap, and rotor are all brand new and it still doesnt run right.. Plugs are gapped correctly. the truck seems to idol fine but when im in low rpms, it shakes as though it has a cam in it but smooths out as the rpms are higher. I dont know much about dodge pickups so i thought ide pass it on to you guys.

it all started out when i was on my way, moving to south dakota. i had a snowmobile trailer i was pulling filled with my stuff, plus the bed of the truck was full. a few hours into the trip it was like my 5th gear was going out... like i was losing power. so i ended up driving in 4th the last 5 hours off the drive. my check engine light turned on right as i drove into the parking lot of the apartments. but has not gone on sense. now there is something just not right with the truck and i cant figure it out...

its a 1995 dodge ram 1500. 5 speed with a 360 5.9 liter engine
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