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Originally Posted by Tob View Post
actually it seems to be a fairly common thing on 2010 rams. A guy at work has almost the same truck and he experienced the same "stuck in 4th manual" issue. He hasn't had any other issues with the transmission yet, and that happenned 2 weeks ago.

there's also a 6-7 pages thread on another dodge forum with at least a dozen owners reporting the same issue.

But as always the "liarship" is hearing of this problem for the first time...everytime you bring them a vehicle you're always the first one to report that problem, as if they started selling cars yesterday...
Look I get your upset with this issue on your truck and the dealership is playing stupid but this really is not that common of an issue. It is likely the dealership you went to hasnt had a customer with that complaint.

I did many months of research between ford and dodge browsing many forums and the handful of people with this issue with dodge doesnt compare to the thousands with fords and their issue. Basically every Ford f150 truck had the issue, clunking when coming to a stop and clunking when taking off and a vibration when cruising at 45 mph, hell I test drove a handful myself and they all did it. Ford last I heard didn't have a proper fix for it. Some people didn't care and just lived with it, others hate it and want it fixed.

I'm sure dodge will get it fixed for you and you can start enjoying your truck, just remember no truck manufacture is perfect when they mass produce a product, it's just impossible to do
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