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yea i knew it had to be up there i am just tryin to comput in my head how the stock block holds 21 psi and 75 shot on top of that, the reason I say this is because we built a 5.7 for a customer that was turbo and we tuned at 12lbs of boost and he got fat headed and then had it tuned to 18lbs of boost and ended up busting the mains out of block. I aint tryin to be a ******* or bust his balls on something, would like to see if they did something different to bottom end so if I have another 5.7 build like the last one to do. I am right now building a 427c.i small block chevy and 468c.i small block chevy, both are for myself to drop in my two drag trucks. Both have no power adders and the 427 will be making around 750 horse(going in a 3000lb S10) and the 468 will be making alil over 925 horse(going in a 2200lb Chevy Luv).

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