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Originally Posted by sinned View Post
Naw, didn't hit a nerve, just trying educated someone clearly ignorant...of daily police operations. I guess since your logic is that since the cell phone is a distraction, we should also stop for anything that is distracting like operating the massive control panel for the lights and sirens when in pursuit of violent crimanls, operating the computer terminal when attemprting to run plates during vehicle stops, talking on the above mentioned "walkie-talkie" whatever that is (I assume you meant handheld/patrol radio). In fact, almost every part of my day is spent dividing my attention between driving and other work related operations. So maybe I should tell my boss and the citizens I am sworn to protect that according to you I can't drive anymore or respond to calls for service because I should have to obey all of the same traffic laws as everyone else. In fact, i guess I can't chase people anymore because that involves speeding, running red lights, and a variety of other traffic law violations.
Hey if ya can't do your job. Step aside and let the ones that can, do it. Oh and as for the last Sentence, I guess thats why many towns DO NOT WANT chases done in certain circumstances. ,public safety. There is a broad set of circumstances and situations. You're not pulling in direct things and reasons not to. Like I said,it wasn't aimed at you but you have taken it on a crusade. Oh and walkie talkie must have been a term before you were born or old enough. So I'll stand corrected to keep up with modern day politically correct lingo. Yeah you go on a cell to keep the airwaves open. I think if the bandwidth was that scarce and your reasoning was correct there,then each officer would have cells instead "handhelds". And I guarantee you are not on your cell when doing any of the points you made. I made general statements you are going for straight points. Police officers are people, even if you have the mentality of being above. AND AGAIN this is not aimed at the majority of friends,family and total strangers I have met that are in the position of upholding the law. But then there are the few that think they are the elite. And think that they can do no wrong. Even if they do. . I said this wasn't aimed at you but you seem to want to set some sort of "I'm right you're wrong". I also said if the guy was a danger to oncoming traffic/knew the law and said the hell with it. Hey he deserved it. But if not the case, the said officer could have issued a warning.It's all in the circumstances. Its all in the way it's handled. And how each person also deals with and speaks to the other. And this is not to say its also to be applied across the board on all instances. Silly I had to put the last part but from the previous response I can see well maybe I should just give a warning if I catch someone discharging a gun in a public place and say he didn't know. May be a far stretch but again look at the above rebuttal.
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