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Originally Posted by ArmyofOne View Post
They would not even look at it. After I drove the 20 miles one way, they said "oh you have 52k miles! You are wayyy out of your warranty. The rust on the bumper isnt covered, and neither is the paint, after that point".

Really? You couldnt tell me that on the phone yesterday? First thing out of your mouth when I spoke to you should have been "How many miles are on the truck?"

Then it got better. They told me they werent going to release my truck until I paid them 1/2 hr labor for "Wasting their time". Excuse me? I wasted your time? What about the 35 minute, 20 mile one way drive (with gas at nearly $4 a gallon, I might add) that I made to be told something that should have been solved over the phone? I asked to speak to the General Manager. After explaining the situation, and speaking with him in private, he explained to me that he was bound to charge me the 1/2 hr labor as a diagnostic fee. He was sorry I wasnt happy and offered me a $45 credit for a future service or a Mopar accessory of my choice. I chose a set of molded mud flaps for the front to negate further paint damage, and I will be calling chrysler today, to find out exactly what (if anything) can be done about my bumper. I dont expect the paint to be fixed, so I will not push the issue, but you never know if you dont ask. The dealer just did not even care. They TOLD me to call corporate and see if they will honor all or part of the fix.

But remind me again, why (as the paying customer) it is my responsibility to do all the footwork here? I got other stuff going on. I was not looking to get a freebie, and I am not dissapointed, or suprised by their answer, just extremely irritated with how it was handled.

/end rant.
let me say first off that i fully understand your frustration with the paint issue. we had a black '04 Dakota that had wheel flares from the factory as part of a wheel and tire package. They looked great IMO. Until a year after we bought them, and the back flares were all beat up from the paint coming off them. We had the selling dealer warranty the paint the first time, and they repainted/replaced the flares. a year later i went back for the same exact problem, and the service manager (same guy) knocked on the flares, said "these are just plastic" and wouldn't cover them. I'm very impressed that they offered you the credit fir future service or accessories (and the fact that you bought the flaps, basically means that you didn't pay for this)

However, I'm not sure what you expected the dealer to do, when you brought in an out of warranty vehicle. Somebody has to pay for their time being used. The only way you might get anything is to go back to the selling dealer.
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