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Default Ford vs. Dodge what are your thoughts?

Hello All,

I / my family have traditionally been Ford owners. Currently I have a Ford F-350 with the 7.3L Diesel 2WD. I like it but it has the very high torque gearing in the back and I think it is a little slow and cumbersome. I had a 2001 F-150 before and I really liked the way that handled and cornered but the 4.7L gas was way underpowered. At this point I'm pretty much set on a 3/4 ton or 1 ton truck and I'm basically set on 4WD. I am kind of on the fence between gas and diesel and the bigger problem between Ford or dodge. The general layout I'm looking for is a 4 door short bed. If were talking Dodge I like the mega cabs over the 4 door.

I don't do alot of towing and the biggest thing I would ever tow would be a few tons, like a midsize tractor. My needs really dont justify a 3/4 or greater ton truck but I think in general they are built heavier and that appeals to me.

With that said there is the gas or diesel. My needs by no means justify a diesel but I feel as though its just a beefy er setup. Also I think that if you buy a more powerful setup it uses less of its potential on a daily basis and in turn lasts longer. I have heard in the Dodges the tranny they put in the diesels cant handle the engine and the tranny goes quick?

If any of you are knowledgeable about mega cabs if you could throw in your 2 cents comparing mega cab to quad cab in dodge and either of those to crew cab in Ford.

I / my family have had nothing but trouble with anything GM so totally not interested in that route. I any of you could throw in thoughts about the ford dodge comparison that would be great.

Thanks! Sorry for throwing alot out there at once.
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