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George had a medical problem that had plagued him since childhood. Over and over he developed infections that kept him from completing school terms, made him unable to keep jobs, and totally prevented his having a successful relationship with girls. He was a runt, insecure, and with very low self-esteem.
He had been sent to just about every medical center for evaluation, but no explanation could be found. His white blood cells were normal. His serum immunoglobulins were normal by all standard tests. He baffled infectious disease experts from coast to coast. Finally he was referred to the NIH and spent three months undergoing hundreds of tests still in experimental status, dissecting his immune system in ways never before attempted.
Finally the research team concluded that he had a one of a kind immunoglobulin deficiency that was not detected by quantitative tests because it was a defective immunoglobulin in normal levels.. It looked okay, but didn’t function as it should. They gave him transfusions of immunoglobulins in fresh frozen plasma, and he was miraculously better. Weekly transfusions, and he resumed normal development and a normal life.
However, the weekly transfusions began to cramp his lifestyle, so he went back to the NIH to see what other options he had. After several conferences, the research team concluded that the level of the deficient immunoglobulin in mother’s milk was sufficient to maintain an adequate level in George’s bloodstream if he consumed just 4 ounces a day of fresh mother’s milk. That seemed l ike an unobtainable cure at first, but George learned of a woman in his neighborhood that was nursing her third child.
He talked her into collecting 4 ounces of her breast milk for him every day, and he would stop by her house every morning, get the milk she had saved in her refrigerator, and drink it before he went to work. It worked as predicted, and he thought his problem was solved.
However, after several months he stopped by her house on the way to work, and she said she hadn’t collected the milk. She had had a horrible night, her husband was out of town, and the two older children had kept her up all night. She said he should come back after work. George was very apprehensive about changing a routine that worked, but what choice did he have?
When he came by after work she looked more harried than she had in the morning. She was still in her housecoat, the house was a wreck, and the kids were screaming and fighting eac h other. She told him she still hadn’t collected the milk and he’d have to come back tomorrow. George panicked. He told her he was desperate, that he was helpless without her milk, and she thought he was about to cry. Very irritated, she invited him in. She put the kids in their room, closed the door to muffle the noise they were making and took George to her bedroom where her clothes were strewn around and the bed unmade.
Pulling George down on the bed with her, she opened her robe and told George to nurse, which he did with enthusiasm. As she lay there with George’s head cradled in her arm she noticed that he had developed into a handsome man. She began to feel more relaxed and the noise of the kids fighting in their room faded away. George had nursed a long time, and she began stroking his hair and massaging his neck.
Finally she said, “George, is there anything else you’d like to have?” George looked into her face, fresh milk dripping down his chin and her breast, and said, “Would you happen to have any chocolate chip cookies?”
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