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Default Returning member with 2nd truck - 1992 Dodge D250/350 w/ 5.9L Cummins Turbo Diesel

Howdy fellas, I'm actually a returning member. I guess my account was inactive too long and went *poof*. I'm pretty sure it was the same screen name though. No worries, though I would like to be able to find those old posts if I could. One in particular being the one I posted on where a member was making custom grill guards for my model. Would love to get in touch with him and order a grill guard. Anyways, my first truck was a 92 D50 4x4 with the 318 Magnum. I had lots of problems with it mostly due to the fact that there was a fire under the hood of the truck and we had to redo everything. We did install a new plenum from Hughes (they're shop is less than an hour from me) and that helped alot. We got'er running pretty good, but I ran into some financial problems and had to sell it. I lost about $1700 invested in that project.

The NEW project is my daily driver! It's the same year... a 92 D250, but it's been converted to be basically a D350. This thing came stock with the long bed 3/4 ton rear end I believe... but now it has the dually 1 ton rear end. It had one previous owner. The man passed awaya couple years ago right before I bought my house and the day I drove out to see my house for the first time... I told myself I would own this truck some day. Didn't ever really expect it to happen, but it was a nice thought. My wife stopped by and asked if it was for sale after getting tired of hearing me talk about it every time we drove by, lol! It was supposed to be a suprise, but she couldn't pull off the finances on her own so she let me in on the secret and we had it in the drive way a week later.

They originaly wanted $5500 for it. It books at around only $3k for loan value so I had a hard time getting it. I was able to talk them down to $4300. Some may think that's a bit expensive... but I didn't buy it for the value of the truck. We had a bond the moment I saw it. The truck is priceless to me. And it also has alot of upgrades that don't add to book value. I'll list those below.

She has 150k miles on her, the owner has a log book of every bit of maintenance ever done to her. It fires up with no troubles instantaneously and it has virtually no rust. The frame is solid. He kept up with the Ziebarting for about 6 years after he bought it and I didn't find any receipts after that point. Most of that is peeling off now or already off. Alot of surface rust that can be easily treated. The driver's side rocker has a quarter sized hole in it and under the cab where it connects to the frame on the driver's side... it's got a pretty severe rust hole a few inches wide. Structurally, she's solid, but that spot needs fixed soon and the rest needs treated before next winter.

The old man removed the original bed from the truck and wrapped in cardboard and it has been setting for the last 17 years in a barn in perfect shape. He bought the second one because it was cheap and came with the fiberglass dually wheel wells and it was a bit beat up - so less risk when modifying. Again, I'll talk about modifications below. So, the bed on it isn't bad. It's deffinitely doable, but I still plan on painting the entire truck later this summer and I will be putting the original bed on because it will be less work to paint it. The old bed had plastic liner in it and is set up for 5th wheel hauling... but I hate plastic bed liners so I removed it first thing. It was already cut up due to some mods. I didn't want to climb under the truck to remove the 5th wheel gear so I literally cut the bed liner out with a sawzaw. It also had the metal running gear for a tannoe cover, but no cover so I yanked all that off as well and installed my chrome tool box.

Now, back to the upgrades this guy did... I'll just list everything and make it easy. The guy was an engineer for BNSF railroad and really knew his stuff. This truck was his baby. He used it to haul antique farm tractors to shows and occasionaly hauled a camper. The camper actually sat in the bed of the truck. His modifcations, though crude, were very very effective. By crude, I mean that they weren't done to be "pretty", just to be funtioning. That's my only issue with the truck. You see, I LOVE modding out my vehicles. In fact, if I bought a 50k Ram off the lot with 10 miles on it - the first thing I'd do is take it home and start ripping crap out of it and installing my own upgrades. It's all bout customization and building a vehicle the way you like it. That's why I buy used. Anyways, this guy had all the mods mostly done that I wanted, but they weren't pretty. I like stuff to look as if it was installed at the factory... this guy just wrapped wires in tape and just let them hang on the dash. Not cool. So I'll be taking care of that asap. Ok, now on to the features and mods!
  • An Air bag rear end with auto leveling system that can also be disabled so that the driver has full control.
  • Hydraulic braking set up for traliers.
  • Electric braking system setup for trailers.
  • Upgraded headlights. Super clear white. You only change the bulb, not the entire housing.
  • A built in and well hidden generator for running power tools or whatever else. Obviously, he used it to power his camper.
  • It has power hookups from the battery on the the rear of the truck to power things like winches and 12v tools. It even has special jumper cables he made that connect here.
  • He modified the original manual seats to power seats. Works great!
  • Installed a second gas tank. The tank is installed where the spare should be. It's well protected and very neatly done. The filler spout is on the same side as the regular gas tank. There is a toggle in the cabin that switches from one tank to the next. You can do this while driving.
  • Since there was no place for the spare tire after the second tank install, he built some custom brackets for the front bumper and extended the bumper a good 12" so that the spare tire would set nicely inside and bolt in safely. It doesn't appear to affect gas mileage either! See the pictures.
  • Cobra CB installed, dual antennas.
  • K&N air filter
  • Power windows
  • 5.9L Cummins Turbo Diesel
  • 1 ton dually rear end
  • 5th wheel setup
  • Super quiet aftermarket exhaust
Now, some of those upgrades will be used - other will not. For instance, the front bumper work is cool - for what it is, but I'd much rather have a nice looking grill guard. I don't have a camper, so if I make a long trip, I'll throw the spare in the back. I'd rather it be in the bed anyways so I don't have to climb under the truck to change the tire out. It still has the factory stereo system in it and factory speakers and only half of them work... I will be replacing that very soon. I'm also working on tinting the windows right now with 5% limo tint. I've only got two windows done so far, lol... it's been a pain in the ass, lol! It's a two tone grey with the red pin stripe. I'll be repainting it this summer. Just shooting the outside and stick with the dark grey already on it, just reshooting it and painting the entire truck one solid color. Not a fan of two-tones or pin striping. Probably going to install some simple running board lights. I have a Lund visor (over the windshield) on the way, installing that soon. Swapping out the exhaust for something with a bit more growl in it. Got my truck nutz on order, lol! And... I think that's pretty much it. OH, going to clean up the underbody again and line the bed with roll-on rhino liner AND going to swap out every bulb on the vehicle (including dash lights) with LEDs. I think that's it. Will probably changeout the running boards at some point with something nicer and more shiney! :P

So that's the truck! Whatcha think!?! Enjoy the pics!
1992 Dodge Ram D250 5.9L Cummins Turbo Diesel, 1 ton Dually
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