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Many, many years ago when they had just introduced bus lanes I was traveling down Putney hill which had been two lanes now reduced to one with the bus lane taking the inside lane. I wanted to turn left on to a back street where I was working { remember in England you drive on the left} traffic is backed up so I decide to go down the bus lane. Out steps Mr Policeman walking up the hill and stops me. " what do you want?" I ask in a gruff intolerant voice. " You are not supposed to be driving in a bus lane" I respond in the same voice "I am turning left to my job round the corner, and if you are worried about the traffic I'm blocking the road so let me pull round the corner" I pull round the corner " where is your tax " he asks "Have't got any " I reply in the same tones. " when did you last tax this Vehicle? " he asks " at least 6months ago." i reply offhandedly . we look at each other for a minute or two { remember this England so we are standing toe to toe not stuck in my car as I would be In America} he is not quite sure how to deal with this " Just go" he tells me.

Even though my attitude was unwarranted then as now and I would't get away with that here as well as England today. Things have changed some for the better and some not so good. What I do see is a growing divide between a lot more of the general public and those with those who hold any official form of authority, and that needs to be addressed, and the reasons for that discussed with an open mind as apposed to the defensive attitude which usually happens.

A little antidote, On the same hill a buddy of mine is driving up the hill with his girlfriend in rush hour going home.The traffic is stop go, they are engrossed in conversation, Bang they hit the back of a banged up builders van, in the back of this van is several guys packed in the back door opens they pile out. Out comes one dripping paint from his barnet {hair} I don't know what ensued but I know Mark was a really dry guy who could side step an unpleasant situation at the same time you would not want to mix with him. It must have been really funny to be a bystander and witness it.
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