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Default Wanting To Know What You Think

I have a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 with the 4.7L, (completely stock under the hood) and was wondering the best things i need to do to the truck for some performance but on a budget. I would love some good performance increase but i do not want to spend a lot to do so. I defiantly want some new exhaust, but i dont want something that sounds crappy, I want a deep tone, but never put new exhaust on anything before so what do you guys (or gals) think i should look for so i can get a good "tone" for the money, with still being loud as well. (If you want an idea of what i want, i love the sound the Rumble Bee's make, loud but sound great too) Also looking for throttle body spacer and a good cold air as well. I know the good brands for the CAI but nothing on throttle body's. And what else could i do thats relatively inexpensive to do that would make some type of difference.
Thanks for the help
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