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OK, several things could contribute to this condition. You didn't indicate what your truck mileage is. That would be a helpful indicator to diagnose the problem.

1. Dad may be right about the tire pressure. Make sure it is equal on all 4 corners.

2. Does the road have ruts in it or is it crowned? Both conditions will cause your vehicle to feel like it is trying to turn left or right.

3. How many degrees do you have to hold the steering wheel to the left to keep the truck tracking straight? It may just be that your steering wheel needs to be centered. That's what I found on my truck.

4. You may need an alignment.

5. Worst case, you have something worn to the point of parts replacement. I am not familiar with the suspension on the newer trucks but on mine, there is a trackbar and endlinks that, if worn, will cause this problem as well.

One thing you can try is to jack up one side of the front of your truck (one wheel off the ground, the other side firmly planted on terra firma), turn on your ignition to unlock the steering wheel, and try to move the wheel that is suspended in the air and see how much side to side and top to bottom play you get. You shouldn't get much at all. Excessive play indicates worn parts.

What's your truck's mileage?
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