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Default Finally completed suspension ball joint problem

Finally completed suspension lower ball joint problem. I felt this could be educational to others that might encounter the same problem I have.
1. Buy your vehicles from a certified mechanic (or have it checked by one).
2. Not every mechanic is really a mechanic. The ones that are know what to look for and use pictures and books related to the vehicle.
3. Educate yourself. Youtube and other information sites helped a lot to figure out this problem.

My lower ball joints were put in stem up. Improper. Upper and lower ball joints have stems facing down. I believe this was done to give a lowered effect. (4. Stop lowering trucks). Next, the mechanics I worked with couldn't figure out why the issued ball joints wouldnt fit. They said control arm...wrong. they said ball joint was wrong size...half right...wrong ball joint all together. The real problem however was the Knuckle. When awesome jerky guy who owned truck before me decided to lower truck he changed out the knuckle with a car knuckle. Picture soon to come. Pulled Knuckles from salvage...whats this things are fitting correctly ??? how can this be? Big help pictures from other forum guys and a picture of full suspension from info truck websites. Thanks forum people. Biggest bitch of whole restore... passenger side was so wedge improperly it took 2 guys and 5 hours to knock it out with 3 hammers, multiple chizzles and a shit ton of wd 40.

Thanks to the forum people that contributed but I leaned a lot from dealing with this myself and the help of a fellow mechanic.

End note: leave suspension to the professionals. its a very important part of your vehicle and safety.

PS - F the dumb ass mechanics that said Im shit outta luck and this problem cant be fixed. Maybe next time instead of putting the problem back the same way you took it off you'll use a book with pictures like I did.
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