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It is unfortunate that we have to have a thread dedicated to positive things about law enforcement. Not saying I don't appreciate the topic, because it is great to hear the positive encounters. It's just unfortunate that so many people can only dwell on the negative things they hear and the "negative" encounters when they broke the law and then act like they are the victim.

People act as if LEO should know how they are in their personal lives, not in the sense of a violator in a traffic stop. We pull cars over not knowing if you are a felon or a priest so we act a certain way all the time. If we have our hand on the butt of our sidearm, that doesn't mean we are ready to shoot you, we are trained to do that for those one in a million encounters. It would be great to know when those encounters happen, but we don't know.

Why most people, outside of this thread, feel they all deserve a warning? They feel it's the responsibility of the LEO to educate them on what they did wrong and tell them to not do it again. I'm sorry, if you are out on the road driving, you need to know the laws. If you do something to your truck and you don't know if it's legal or not, check first by going to your local department and ASK them. Don't wait to get pulled over, written a ticket, and the cry about it on a message board which is frequented by a large public safety community. Maybe everyone who isn't in law enforcement knows more about it then the people who risk their lives every day?

I'll share two stories, one from before I was an LEO and one current since I've been an LEO. When I was 17, I was young dumb and stupid. Subwoofers in my Maxima and a neon light in the back window. I thought it was cool to drive down main street in my town of 3,000 people blaring Eminem. Well, the officer heard me half a mile away and got me. I didn't know where my registration was so he let me out of my car to search for it. Needless to say my car was a mess and I was digging through piles of shit. The officer was behind me with his hand on his gun. I knew it and wasn't appalled by this fact because I had no intentions of doing something bad. Ultimately, I couldn't find it, talked to him the neon light, and was let off with a warning for everything. I fully expected a ticket and deserved one, but he felt otherwise.

Last year I pulled up on some kids with a broken down car on a gravel road. They were on a bridge and all out of the vehicle. I pulled up behind them and to my not so surprise I found a fresh pair of burnout marks right behind them. I asked what was going on and they said the drive shaft had just busted. Now I don't consider myself stupid and I knew what had happened. Of course they wouldn't admit to it but instead of pressing the issue and writing them for exhibition I let them use my cell phone so they could call a friend to tow them out. I figured they had enough to deal with having a broken drive shaft and didn't put a hefty citation to go with that. I just made a point to remind them before they left that they need to drive smart and safe.

I do appreciate the fact we have this topic though and enjoy reading what people have to say. Thanks!
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