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Lightbulb 4x4 issue RESOLVED WOW LOL

ha wont believe this, really is a reminder to check the small things. last year i was messing around riding on the plowed curbside of the road and didnt notice a hidden fire hidrant, hit it and it blew my front right tire and rim, so i had to put stock rims on the front. (16" in front 17" in back) but did have same tires all around bf goodrich all terrains. heres the funny thing, theres at least an inch difference in height between these 2 tires. the 16" is actually taller than the 17". put new tires on my other 16" rims and good to go, no more noise, no more kicking out of 4wd, amazing, jumped right on the expressway in 4wd got er up to 70 an no noise
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