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Smile My first post... About my Ram and Work Done

You can see this post in general discussion thread. I just noticed this newbie thing whatever. Well just saying hello and giving some info about my ram.

Well this is my first post, I have not much to say as far as threads are concerned. I will first off say I Don't exactly have a Dodge Ram, I have a Ram but not the pickup the van... Still a Ram, pickup with a van body really. But anyways for those who are seriously into specs I will just shell them out. 1995 Dodge Ram B2500 Conversion Van. 46RH W/OD, 318CID V8, 35 Gal Tank, Rear Heat/AC, so on so forth... I found it hard to believe this 6800 Lb van can go 0-60 in 10 secs. But It's true!

Well this van is my first ram per say I acquired it from my father like 2006ish well anyways it had been sitting in the driveway for idk maybe 5-6 years and hadn't moved until maybe a week ago when I drove it off the drive way just to see if it would still move lol and it moved. Well the reason it ended up in the driveway was cause after 3 brake failures and 3 repairs my father gave up. But I ended up fixing it and still am at the end of this post is going to be a long list of work done and to be done! And trust me when I say I did work I wasn't kidding one bit, 8-12 hours a day spent working on it and everytime something good would happen another part would break err

Well to start off there is only one mod for all you modders out there and the mod is a conversion package which in it's time would be the supreme but now would still be a hect of a nice mod but a little outdated as far as lol technology perhaps with the CRT TV and VCR oh yea and only have a AM/FM Stereo Cassette however it is infinity audio so head ups there

A sort of a mod/repair I did was when I removed the throttle body to clean it, I sort of snapped the heads off the throttle plate screws but I ended up drilling them out and installing Stainless Steel screws from the Home Depot for like 2 bucks whatever, but hey they should last a very long time and with a clean TB and Sensors it should idle smooth along with the new spark plugs and air filter so on so forth.

One repair I did which I just was so pissed about was with a fuel injector connector. Because the van was sitting for so long someone decided to nest in my engine compartment and they ate the insulation off my #6 fuel injector cable and also decided to eat some of the firewall insulation... Little bastard... But I know how I am and would prefer to replace the whole harness but finding a harness for a 95 ram van would be like finding a needle in a haystack...

Another repair I had to do was on the exhaust... whats left of it.
All of the exhaust clamps sort of rusted completely away so the exhaust was holding together by practically nothing so I replaced all of the clamps but I will probably need a new muffle cause the sheet metal is pealing off.

Something that was never done in the time my family has had the van note it's 16 years old with 122,596 miles... The gear oil in the axle housing had never been changed and I remember for years on end my mother would get the oil changed whatever and they would say pin hole leak in the axle housing. Well it never really leaked just so happens that gear oil spreads out if spilled and it spilled. But I changed the gear oil for two reasons because the supposed leak and because it never had been changed. Anyways I changed the oil and note it came out pure black.
So I went to the auto stores and bought a new gasket and RTV sealant along with 2x 32oz bottles of Valvoline 80W-90 Gear Oil and a 7oz bottle of Trans-X. And no leaks and it should run pretty smooth for the differential and axle atleast.

Moving on to the engine again, well I had changed the oil in 2007 and well the van hadn't moved still but I would start it from time to time, until the battery died so I bought a new battery and started it up and it started but I noted by sound one of the cylinders wasn't firing because of that fuel injector and some fouled spark plugs. I also put some seafoam in the oil to clean the valves so I don't really have to take the heads off. So anyways I replaced the spark plugs and gapped them and fixed that fuel injector as said before and changed the air filter with a fram and cleaned the corrosion off my distributor cap contacts with a nail file note I replaced the cap and rotor like 2007 but from sitting. I also replaced the PCV valve and breather filter back in 2007 which had never been replaced ever and I remember when I changed it the old filter was just saturated with oil and dirt...

Well moving on to the brakes which had been completely shot out. I had my rotors which were brand new dodge brand but rusted from sitting I took them to carquest and had them resurfaced for 17 bucks and then i replaced all my calipers trying to avoid phenolic which locks up ended up with one steel and one phenolic but this time the steel would end up on the drivers side which always had issues ever since the dodge standard was switched to phenolic. I bought new pads and new hardware and used brake LUBE and replace 2 of the copper washers on my passenger side which needed them. And I had to replace my whole rear brake line which rusted away so I bought a 25 foot spool of steel brake line and ran it from the ABS valve to the rear brake hose which is going to be replaced because I accidentally cross threaded one side of the T splitter. I put all new fittings and installed all new rear brake lines. I also put new wheel cylinders on both rear wheels which they did need it one rusted on the inside and the boot was dry rotted and replace all the hardware and adjustment kits on both sides and I kept the old shoes because they are still brand new and they were thicker then the ones I had bought from the auto store. I also lubed my springs and made sure everything was all nice and smooth. I of course repacked my front bearings with bearing lube however I have to replace a bearing that has a small bend/crack in it most likely why the brake on that side would fail first. Luckly my drums were not rusted on the inner wall so ok there!

Moving on to the transmission which I messed up on... Well I drove it off the drive way and when I put it back on the driveway I noticed my passenger side transmission cooler line broke and was leaking and well the quick connects were still on there which were suppose to be replaced back like 1997 when the recall came out and they never were cheapos well the line broke and I went to install the new standard which is just a fitting and well the old quick connect fitting snapped off and I can't get the fitting out so Now I have to drill it out tap it and find a fitting that will work or just run stainless steel braided lines and call it a century. Hopefully I can fix it and not have to replace the housing...

Moving back to the engine once again I have a coolant leak and noticed it's coming from inside the water pump pulley where the weep hole is so need a new water pump thats on the list.

Now back maybe 6 years ago when I dabbled in golf I struck a ball right into a side window. So I have to find a side window for a conversion van.

Well Now I am just going to shoot a list of all the work that has been done and will be done etc... Majority of it has been done except for things like change the oil and filter along with change the transmission fluid and filter and thats about it.

Heres the list... Good Lord!

Replace Spark Plugs - 8 - Gap .035i - Bosch
Replace Throttle Body Plate Screws - 4 - Stainless Steel
Replace Throttle Body Gasket - Felpro
Replace Thermostat
Replace Water Outlet Gasket - Felpro
Replace Air Cleaner Mount Gasket - Felpro
Replace Air Filter - Fram
Replace Water Pump
Replace Water Pump Gasket - Felpro
Replace Windshield Washer Pump
Replace Axle Cover Gasket - Felpro
Replace Oil Filter - Fram
Replace Transmission Filter - Pro-King
Replace Transmission Pan Gasket - Pro-King
Replace Oil Cooler Line Assembly - Passenger Side
Replace Front Right Brake Caliper
Replace Front Left Brake Caliper
Replace Front Right Brake Pads
Replace Front Left Brake Pads
Replace Front Right Brake Caliper Hardware
Replace Front Left Brake Caliper Hardware
Replace Front Right Brake Hose Copper Washer - 2
Replace Rear Right Brake Wheel Cylinder
Replace Rear Left Brake Wheel Cylinder
Replace Rear Right Brake Hardware
Replace Rear Left Brake Hardware
Replace Rear Right Brake Adjustment Kit
Replace Rear Left Brake Adjustment Kit
Replace Rear Brake Hose
Replace Rear Brake Lines
Replace Rear Brake Line Fittings - 5
Replace PCV
Replace Battery
Replace Exhaust Clamps - 4
Replace Right Windshield Wiper
Replace Left Windshield Wiper
Replace Breather Filter
Changed Oil - Valvoline 10W-30 - 5L
Changed Differential Gear Oil - Valvoline 80W-90 - 64Oz + 7Oz Trans-X
Changed Transmission Fluid - Valvoline ATF+4 - 10L
Flushed Radiator
Change Anti-Freeze 2 Gallons Anti-Freeze + 2 Gallons Distilled Water
Changed Windshield Washer Fluid - 1 Gallon 32+F
Flushed Brake System
Changed Brake Fluid - Valvoline DOT 3-4 Synthetic - 32Oz

I am probably missing some things but I think I covered 98%

I am hoping it will be all ready for it's 2000 Mile Trip!
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