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Default 2nd Gen LED Dash Light Replacement DIY

This was from another forum but I have done this mod myself, the pictures were better for this one.
Now before we get started, listen: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY SCREW UPS, PROBLEMS, OR INJURIES. YOU ARE DOING THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Not that there is any risk in injury, there is the potential for breaking something, which is typical with all modifications.You will need all LED's and tools listed below before beginning any work. So lets get started!

This is what you need:
1.) Needle Nose Pliers
2.) Flathead Screwdriver
3.) Phillips Screwdriver
4.) Small pick or screwdriver (to pry with)
5.) 7 of WLED-B5 LED WIDE ANGLE BULB (Page 1)
6.) 1 of T1.5-B INSTRUMENT LED BULB (Page 2)
7.) 3 of 5mm NEO5-B (Page 2)
8.) Go to AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts and purchase a small pack of pre-wired LEDs. They come in packs of four. Thatís the only way I can describe it.
9.) Hacksaw
10.) Drill with bit. (Not sure what size)
11.) Aluminum Foil
12.) Tape

1.) With your hands, pry the black bezel surrounding all the instruments VERY CAREFULLY. Iíve cracked mine in two places. Those of you who know, they crack very easy.

2.) Underneath the steering wheel column, the gray panel needs to be removed to access the gear shift cable. Notice the three small screws underneath the panel. Remove with Phillips screwdriver and pry the TOP towards the seat. It will pop loose in the same manner the black bezel did. Remove and place out of the way.

3.) Inside the removed panel area, there is an orange cable located on the left side of the steering column. Twist sideways and remove. The cable is still connected to the white tube. Pry downwards and remove.

4.) Notice the four small BLACK screws securing the instrument cluster to the dash. Remove all four and place in a safe place to avoid loss. Place ignition in the ON position, but donít start. Put parking break on tightly, and place gear shift to first. This is obviously optional for manual transmission.

5.) Cautiously wriggle from the bottom of the cluster until it releases from the two connectors behind it. Pull out away from its holding area and turn over. Notice the 7 orange-brown colored twist-locks and 1 light gray smaller twist-lock.

6.) All twist locks will unlock with a slight turn to the left. Pull each one out one at a time. The next process takes place with EACH twist-lock, so only undo one at a time. Unlock one, I started with the High Beam indicator light for reference. I forgot to take before and after pictures, so Iím showing you what you should DO, not what you see in my picture. You will have a stock bulb connected rather than the LED. I started with the High Beam indicator light pictured below:

7.) Once removed, pull the stock bulb out of the twist-lock. You will notice on the inside of the twist-lock two metal connectors. DO NOT LOSE THEM. Take your new LED (T1.5-B INSTRUMENT LED BULB) and bend the two wires down into a V shape. Your new LED replacement and empty twist lock should look like this:

8.) Once bent into V shape, bend them so they touch the OUTSIDE of the LED. You will understand what I mean if you study the twist-lock. The two connectors on the twist-lock are what your trying to touch the wires to. You might have to double them up to make it a snug fit.

Finished should look like so:

9.) Install the High Beam Indicator back in place and remove one of the seven orange colored twist-locks. This next process is slightly tricky and is the same process for ALL SEVEN orange twist-locks, still noticing that my LEDs in the pictures are already installed. Yours will have the stock bulb. On the bottom of each twist-lock, you will see two small metal parts that are part of the connections on the other side.

10.) Take a small prying tool, and push both metal connections upward simultaneously. This will release the glass stock bulb. ::CAUTION:: There is the potential for broken glass. Watch your fingers and handle carefully.

11.) This may not release the bulb completely, which calls for a small amount of force. I used needle nose pliers and pulled the metal tabs out. The stock bulb wires will be soldered to the tabs for reinforcement.

12.) Break the wires from the tabs, but KEEP THE TABS. Do not lose them. It is extremely difficult and time consuming to fabricate new ones. Trust me, I know from experience. Bend the wires on the new LEDís ( 7 of WLED-B5 LED WIDE ANGLE BULB ) into a V shape, but this time, do not bend to the sides.

13.) Place the LED inside the twist-lock, allowing the ends to protrude from the bottom.
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