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I have a 2002 dodge ram with 39000 miles on it. About 3 weeks ago the front end started to make this knocking noise when im at speeds from 0 to 25 then after 25 it stops. does anyone know what the problem is?

also when im on the high way and i hit speeds from 55 to 65 the truck vibrates really bad and smoothes out at 70.
Well, does the vehicle knock when you idle or just when your moving? Are you sure it is a knocking or more like a banging or what?

As for the vibration, my old Explorer did the same exact thing. So I spent a whole weekend trying to figure out what was wrong untill sunday night it dawned on me. Run your hand over the tires. be sure to feel for any large bubbles or warping. I can almost guarentee that you have a tire issue. I replaced the tire and problem solved. No more vibrations.
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