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it sounds like a decent deal to me. You defiantly want to make sure you get it checked out though when i bought my first Dodge (97 dakota) it had higher millage and the Tranny slipped like no other, trust me that hurts the resale value lol. If its in good shape and nothing big like that was wrong with it i would do it because you probably wont find another truck like that you could get for 1000 + your 4 wheeler and you defiantly need to ditch that FORD!

Well actually I'm sadly deciding against it.. I just can't be using something with that low of MPG when here soon I'll be running about 80 miles a day average so I'm looking into getting something a little better on gas lol... I really still want a ram but just right now I wont be able to. Oh and I like fords thank you :P lol.. just not the Taurus... well actually I only like the explorer, mustang, ranger, and focus line of cars.. and some of the T-birds (not the newest ones)
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