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Is there air blowing inside the cab, just not hot?
its is a comom problem, I have 2003 and the plastic piece where the elec motor to controls the vent doors same on all three doors, gets striped the was a recall but short lived, recall not open any more. I replace the power door and piece my self in 1.5 hours, comes with 2 doors annd new section of upper box about $35 at dealer( the cut cost of part down because the fu k u in the labor 1000 to change and they know its there faulty part but the willnot open a recall) uppper controls defrost, ac vent feet all directional air flow. lower controls hot and cold. upper is a 8.5 hr job at dodge I tryed it and there is just way to much stuff to take apert unless u in a heated garage. i spent 5 hrs with help and still did not finish.
good luck u can email me with ?
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