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Post Front Axle swap and other info

Hi I have a 2008 Dodge ram 1500 ST 4x4 with the 5.7 HEMI. I have some questions to ask. I am looking at doing a 5 inch suspention lift and be able to run 35" or 37" tires. I HAVE NO EXPERIENCE MODIFYING A TRUCK!

First, does anyone know of a company that makes a kit to fit a solid front axle to my truck? I would like to go multilink with coils, plus I would be getting ARB air lockers front and rear.

Second, In the rear I got a Dodge corporate 9.25 LD rear axle, would I need to buy a new axle as well, to put a locker in, or can I/should I install it in the axle I already have

Third, could I use a salvaged or new front/rear axle from a Dodge 2500/3500, or should I go with a DANA, which I hear a lot about, are they a good axle or just over rated? Plus if I went the dodge route would it be a lot easier?

Fourth, what else would I have to buy/modify to keep the vehicle running tight, ie., steering, bracing, stuff like that.

Fifth, how much is this going to cost? You can tell me in American dollars and I will just add 30%, lol. I would have to pay a shop because I have no tools/experience to do it myself. Also, can I sell anything I am taking off my truck? it's only a year old and it has been rust proofed so everything is clean and in excellent shape, I only have 14 000 kms on it.

I guess if no one can help me does anyone know of another site?
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