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Well I have not looked into them so I'm not going to just go be biased towards the ford. So I don't know... know a guy with a 2005 ram 1500 but his was a V6 so I didn't like it b/c it was kind of a slow turd and seemed kind of plain... I have not been around a NEWER F-150 so Idk much about it.. so in all honesty I'm not being biased.. I do like the ford lightning f150's better than the dodge 1500's.. but like I said this is based off the PLAIN 1500 standard cab... I didn't like the 4 door was cool (friends dad had one) except the back seats were reaaally cramped.. but it was still cool lol.. better than the older f-150's (But idk anything about the newer ones)
What do you expect out of a FULL sized truck with a V-6 lol. Hop in my V-8 4.7 or my moms 5.7 Hemi if u want to go fast, between you and me i raced a lot just on our main strip here and i have never came close to losing against a Ford truck in my 4.7 (which is completely stock still)
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