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Default '82 Ram Issues

Im 16 and for my birthday I got a 1982 Dodge Ram with a Slant Six and a auto tranny. Its a great truck, but I've been having some problems with it. The truck hasn't been ran in about three years, but it starts. I've already changed all the fluids, the spark plugs, and the oil and the fuel filter. When i try to start the truck, sometimes i have to turn the key ten times to get it to even catch a spark, is this a problem with the starter? Also, when I manage to get it started, when i put it into reverse or drive it will sometimes completly shut down and I don't know why. When I put it into drive or reverse (if it shuts off) it will buck or stall before quiting. What could be causing these problems? Is it beacuse it hasn't been driven in so long or is it something else? PLEASE HELP!!!
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